Survivors Club Event Missions: Mod Set Reward

I chose the Gold Attack Set Reward from the Survivors Club Event Missions but haven’t received them as yet. A few of my faction mates also report the same. Are we just overlooking it/it comes without the new balloon or did we not get it at all? Does anyone know?

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

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They are delivered but you need to find them in the mods. But they should show us which one you get yes

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As @Tsarraz said, they are delivered. The only way to find it is by going through your mod inventory and spot the one with the “New” label on it.

Be sure not to claim any other mods to ensure only one has that label.


Thank you @Tsarraz and @Jules, I must have missed it when I looked and the new tag is probably gone since I already opened the mods inventory once.

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