Survivors club doesnt give enough

for 25$ a month people gots almost nothing, nothing exclusive, nothing great…


Facts :100:


Stop buying it

Problem = solved :smiley:


imo nothing is more savage to your longterm club subscribers then giving them barely anything exclusive and then releasing a new battle pass that could have easily been included to give it some value


I’m not an SC member. But if I was I’d be pretty annoyed

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With the trainers and fodder now all going elsewhere - there is even less reason to get SC since you no longer need extended roster space.
Not using parts doesn’t save anything since parts are insta craftable so it’s literally just a few clicks.
The only thing it gives you is 1 open a day and a totally ‘meh’ roadmap for gold bars to upgrade one of the worst Sclasses in the game. It also grants comics which give access to one of the other worst Sclasses in the game.
Why on earth would anyone pay for it?!?


its $45 here in new zealand

Dont buy, its clearly dont worth, cancel no more headache. The more of us cancel thefaster they start to think how to improve it. For less money you get 100x more from a battle pass for example

Battle pass is to make up the downfall of Sc😂

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Can’t understand that SC didn’t get the Key to their mailbox or that they don’t get a 80% discount on the key offer (solitary key, not the key/trainer bundle)

Looks like customer retention is a completely unfamiliar concept to Scopely


sc is joke :wink:

Soon as this update goes live I will be a true F2P :joy:

I’d hope everyone still doing SC really likes the daily pull (and if they do, they get it a lot cheaper than buying it for coins). Because if you don’t it’s really bad. It’s a relic from days past, and I could see them drop it completely (although probably not, as some people presumably like it, and why interfere with revenue?)

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No way, I love SC. I get a 4* toon once every day. It’s legit.



But if I took you seriously, I’d say that my alt account I started in Cullman 2 years ago (and stopped playing a year ago bcs of time constraints) had the “old region perk” of a free daily elite pull. So I’d get a free 4* (and an occasional 5*, even ascendable) for free :smiley:

This since the start, if they stacked I’d keep it

I think if they introduced Premier tokens that you could occasionally grind for or get from top ranks in tourneys and SC members would get one free, it would have value, because after a time they could try for a 100x pull on a desirable promo, but single pulls are virtually useless

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