Survivors Club Collection 8

Still no response, any idea what’s going on @GR.Scopely, not enough time left to finish and what do you get. 6 months worth of SC

A sucker badge for being a sc member for that long.


I fought with Support for rewards that you are supposed to get when you have a SC membership but they say you need to collect the items which I did have but refused to understand… where do you get the SC exclusive item.

I had to cancel my membership after that.

Help Support does not care. Only paid min. wage to care and probably gaming on other games that aren’t Scopely property. So, you paid for what you get.

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Agreed but I need the roster space and that earns me LU wins and S-class toons, only thing I really spend on I don’t pull, so I see value in it for now, hence would like to know what’s going on with these collections, @GR.Scopely

Anything @GR.Scopely I see your back at work today :frowning:

Scoply was raised on common core mathematics

Stop being creepy man

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The meaning is that the rewards stages restart when you reach baseball cap

He might be back at work I hardly think he’s doing any of the work that he supposed to be doing.
he’s probably taking advantage of the in-house masseuse and possibly the free pancakes.

It’s no longer a SC membership. It now a premium pass just to access roadmaps that you again have to pay for.
Criminal and farcical comes to mind.


Bumping till I get a reply🤗

Still waiting @GR.Scopely

Bumping really not sure why something that’s been in progress for 6 months isn’t being answered @GR.Scopely

I ended up cancelling my membership yet again. Too many ideas or promos go by the wayside and forgotten about. I do miss having those thinly little extras but the way its handled just makes me lose even more confidence on how it’s all handled


I know how you feel, this was a big part of me keeping Sc and @GR.Scopely silence on the matter does not give me confidence



When I was playing yesterday my SC membership was still active and fine… logged on this morning and it’s not active anymore, almost like it had been cancelled but I haven’t cancelled it so no idea what’s happened. I was on the fence about it for a while anyway so have just taken it as a small new year blessing and won’t be renewing it lol! Was worth it to me in small ways but the latest kick in the teeth to SC members with this current event roadmap was the last for me