Survivors Club Collection #10, #11, #12

Does anyone know what Survivors Club collection #10, #11, #12 will be? I’m just trying to figure out if it’s even worth keeping the subscription, even with the newly added collections.

No idea #playersunited

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Its not worth it. :grinning:


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SC is a waste of money.

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I am a former SC member. They made it trash now & the earlier promise of other “special” roadmaps exclusive to SC never came, they stopped making exclusive SC toons, after pushing out only 2…let that sink in.



More content that they couldn’t be bothered to update. And these museum collections are just set up to confuse people into spending thinking they get something.

Expect not to achieve your desires because scopley wants you as a monthly cash cow to stroke.
SC is a joke.


It’s going to take you about a year or more to get there… so I wouldn’t let that be your sole decision on whether to keep it or not.

Just remember the monthly pass was supposed to change toons and that’ll help you on SC.

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