Survivors club chance

Hello guys I dont know did is bug but that is not fair …


Wah wah wah


Something somewhere sometime just needs you to spend more money.
Because your $25 a month isn’t enough.


Just unsubscribe. No real reason to keep sc

There’s going to be one of these every week lol. The main prize in this is the axe to get more comics. I wouldn’t worry about the extra items. It’s like a wheel. First week I got 10, second week I got 6. RNG.


I’ve done it :confused:

Maybe you should just get another comic book???

Sure, but there is no amount of money that would get that event completed. It isn’t possible to spend money to get comics beyond the weekly roadmap. I doubt that many players will ever get enough to finish all of those events as the bags are heavily favored to drop only 2 at a time (with three bags). You need amazing luck to get enough.

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Yes the year 4 event

Thank you for understand me :v:

^^^ Yes

But if you want to complete this mission just complete it every other week. Open only one bag to get the axe and save the other 2. Next week open enough bags to get 9 and claim all the rewards. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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