Survivors Club Benefits First Look In The Beta Video

Here is a first look at what Survivors Club will look like when it hits the live servers. We will go over the benefits and a 10 pull from two 5 pulls over the course of 2 days.


Great video the club looks cool can’t wait to join it

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Nevermind :sunglasses:


if you join the club you will get one 4☆ toon per day, sounds about right. look how wonderful after some pulls the game crashes, beta is so fun, hope they transfer the functionality to the real game.


You pay for that feeling if disappointment.


With a chance at someone Great for Collection like Brooke. And the Rick so I can finally level him with AR.
The Game also crashes outside of the Beta sometimes during pulls :confused:

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guess they think we’re here for that feeling because this is what they are giving us from the start.

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1st year it was ok, a decent game with a great gameplay and lots of ways to enjoy, no region wars, no terris, no bugs, no crashes, no lags, no 24/7 lvl up, no SR …
It all came over the years but mostly after that stupid letter that was supposed to cheer us up !
Since then, its bitter first.


You forgot to add no fun


Sorry to disagree but I was enjoying the game at that time.
All these additions to the game were made in order to moneytize more and more and they all came with loads of bugs and malfunctions that rottened the game.
Best times were before all these so called new modes and evolutions.


The club sucks lol, we’re all just signing up to get Andrea

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Speak for yourself I’m not signing up for that if I wanted to get teabagged I’d fall asleep in a bar.

I Am going to sign up for the 7d trial make sure card is removed from apple and cancel take snapshots of cancelation. Auto renewal shit never seems to work how they say it will.

Rofl. Don’t sugar coat shit, it’s still going to taste bad


Would really love to know if the odds of pulling from the club’s daily single pull are actually the same as a normal single pull.

Yes it probably goes without saying they are the same but you never know with Scopely and the kind of tactics they pull.

This is a mess… event rewards have been trash. Then they f* up the game ever since that update with the leagues BS. Then came Yawnslaught, and now this.

The current barrage of new things is a throw things at the wall and see what sticks.

Be honest

As I am also game developer

You guys maybe good at business
(Not like brilliant)
And can run a decent casino

The game Has a decent ip

Yet coding and art maybe not

Creativity even worse

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