Survivors Club + Battle Pass


Include the Battle pass in Survivors club & you’ve got yourself a deal!


I agree. I would get SC if it included Battle Pass Key.

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SC members should get like 50 of the battle pass points per day or something, but you are dreaming if you think the key would be part of it.


I dream and hope big :kissing_heart:

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But I shall enjoy my dream where Scopely doesn’t charge you 20 something pound for a membership then another 20 on top for some extras from a battle pass!

Fortnite battle pass cost less.
Nothing wrong with this request.


This battle pass made me cancel my coin pass and subscription (that I had only recently re-purchased after a long hiatus) and now I shall buy nothing at all :joy::+1:

How none of these things are incorporated into one awesome pass/ subscription/ package (whatever) is beyond me! So silly !


Fortnite battle pass can be got for free with some grinding, as can Warzones.

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Never played Fortnite. Never intend to. Have no clue why it’s being brought up as relevant here…

Orher games have significantly different economies and prices that look minuscule compared to TWD:RTS, so no surprise the pricing disconnects will show for the new battle pass key too…

If you want to compare, compare the TWD value for the key (a lot of [older] S-class cards + tokens you can purchase more S-class or trainers/gear with) and the asking price for the same items in the RNG offers that pop up daily. Clearly a step forward… (still too pricey for some, for sure, but undeniably lower)

They’d jack the price to 99.99 if they put 30 coins a day to SC. Some how I think lockdown and whales would justify that as a fair price.


You mean I’d get 30 coins and a daily 4* all for 99.99 well hot damn sign me up :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Simple answer , want a better deal for SC just unsubscribe from it .
If too many players do the same they will improve it .
However SC from my point of view already give too much you just can’t see it cause you’re a member .
Unsubscribe and you will feel the real pain of a f2p

Considering $40 for s.c. $18 for coins. $31 for battle pass. $99 is probably accurate for us Australians
Ughhhh lol

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