Survivor tokens = 💩

Just why @JB.Scopely? lol


We need (want) better characters in there.


I don’t see anything


The fact that this reads 90% for a five star but not for 5 star ascendables is just a kick in the nuts.


(Blah blah blah 7 letters)


Is this a joke or something

The ol’ scopes bait n’ switch.

I can’t wait for earn 1/5 of a useless 5* from the next CRW.

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we can expect a lot of fodder from that wheel. probably 500 tokens for 1st place or something like that.

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Stop complaining about the wheels. You should be use to it. Find real problems and bring those up

Lol wut? 90% chance for useless 5* for a war reward isn’t a reasonable problem? Gtfoh


Your right, this is the first time this has ever happened. Go ahead, throw a fit and see where it gets you

This is interesting…

It won’t get me anywhere nothing will change this is the wheel trust me I know this but if we just accept it they’ll do it again and be like the playerbase loved it you see my point? You may like to accept shit but I will not sir.

I didn’t mean to reply to your post, sorry about that. I just meant to post the odds here.

EDIT: I just noticed the odds were posted at the very beginning…


Happy New Wheel !!!

@JB.Scopely you better fork out 8 pulls for 1st place like that awful Halloween wheel you guys did last year


So far, there’s actually no indication that they’re going be war rewards… They could be a different version of Walker Tokens.

$15 for 20 tokens shows they will not be a different version of the cheap tokens.


If you’re not willing to accept it then stop playing. Only way to stop things like that is to hurt them in the wallet. Everyone was pissed about Andrea but I still see tons of club members out there


That offer actually features like 5 gold mods, which I don’t think most Walker tokens did in the past. (That or I don’t pay attention because I don’t spend.)

Either way, I’m not going to worry about a hypothetical issue until there’s sufficient evidence to back it up.

Thing is I like this game and most of the things they have to offer like survivors club im a member have no problem with that and this wheel and most of these wheels r dupes for me but when I see something is wrong like this I feel I shouldn’t just sit and say nothing I want the game that I play to get better why I created this thread.