Survivor token wheel an overpriced joke

Surely there has to be a bug with this new survivor token wheel.
This wheel is basicically the premier wheel with 4*s removed, but a single pull is over $30!
No one in their right mind is going to spend that money on a 5% chance. At least with the Premier wheel, you get 10 pulls for less money and for better toons.

Scopely have either added non ascendables by mistake, or they’ve set the prices waaaay too high. You should be getting 20+ pulls for $30, not a single pull. @JB.Scopely surely this is a mistake?


Have you seen the prices of some of the offers? They don’t know the value of their items/toons cuz no one in the company is playing at a decent enough level let alone spend a dollar.


The walker token offers were great. Madison and mack offer was too. They aren’t all bad.

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No, this is correct. People in this game have an addiction, an addiction to gambling. It isnt about getting good toons per say, its about the rush of the pull. An actual high like using drugs is given to these people when they spend lets say $100 on that wheel, even they say the toons are trash and/or not needed/usable. Dopamine is released in the brain when they click the button to pull, then regret follows after and they say “never again!” but they get that itch and need that fix and scopely is there to provide. Keep surviving :hugs:


Another problem is they add these extra things to the offers to jack up the prices even higher. Like I just want the tokens. I don’t want 5 bleed mods, 30 Burts, and a million food


This wheel is terrible. Aside from the fact that it’s way overpriced for a 90 percent chance at a five star, the ascendables aren’t even good. I seriously don’t know how the person who came up with this wheel is still employed.


All I know is, these tokens better not be war prizes. You already know they’re giving some kind of tokens away. They just better have a new wheel planned


These will be war rewards and crw rewards unfortunately. They don’t care

This is nothing new the Halloween tokens were shit…just look at them as fodder and look for other ways of incentive other than rewards.

Thankfully for Scopely there’s not a huge degree lot of overlap in this area



I def stole that chart! Haha

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