Survivor Token Odds!

So I took a shot at the new wheel assuming it was a ascendable/6-star wheel as it has always been in the past.
I was extremely surprised when I got a 5 star!

I blame myself as I should have known to check the odds like I usually do with different stashes and not assume anything, but it is still extremely frustrating after spending cash to get a worthless pull that I wouldn’t have had I seen the odds.

Would it really kill you to advertise the odds better, rather than hiding them behind a ridiculously small button or do misunderstood purchases really make up that much of your revenue that it would effect the bottom line? Either way it is a problem!


I always watch the wheel spin completly to see what the common trash pull will be

Always check the odds, you obviously knew where they were since you know its a small button


I usually do too. But there are a lot of 6 stars and ascendables in there. I just didn’t wait long enough for it to spin past.


Yeah and I usually check them for stashes. In the past I’ve almost bought things, then remembered last minute to check the odds first, and if they are bad, not purchase.

My request is really just to show the odds more clearly/prominently.

“i usually check them”
“i’ve checked them in the past”
doesn’t check them this time
Scopelys fault


Not the coin pull wheel, but the walker token wheel. I remember there always being a 6 star wheel in it’s place. I know there have been 5 star ones too, but they have been alongside the 6 star wheel.

"I blame myself . . . " though I am a little frustrated that the odds aren’t displayed better. Buying things through google play isn’t like buying physical items. If you realize you made a mistake, you can take it back to the shop for a refund/exchange/vouchers. It’s not like people never buy something mistakenly thinking it was something else!

You knew where the odds were displayed, you just didnt bother to look.


Trouble is it’s gambling not shopping.

You can’t “buy” a bet for Real Madrid to win then when they lose say I meant to bet on them to lose. No refunds or vouchers given there.

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Fair enough. It is a little too attention grabbing I guess. I’ll change it, if I can.

Apologies. I was trying to explain whilst tired, which is also part of the reason I just assumed without checking!


Everyone slips up at one point or another @marks , it happens.

Should also check the forums… everyone’s been bashing this wheel.

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I got two 5*s already. Viktor that will be awesome for tower team and Carrie that is overpowered heal reductor. Its not bad at all, I like them more than 5th Governor / 5th Connie / 4th Clementine or 4th red Jesus.

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