Survivor Spotlight : Maggie

First 3 videos I did was in Windows Movie Maker but I found the limitations of what I wanted to do. I was recommended to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC which I got 3 days ago and was pretty excited to have the weekend to mess around and learn it. I am a week behind on this video (sorry) due to lack of Maggie video from other Survivors I hate a higher priority to level at the time and just things I wanted to do in the video that WMM couldn’t do.

But alas, here she is :

Let me know what Survivor you want to see next. Keep in mind that the harder they are to get odds are I may not have footage for them. Unless there is some off build in which I can use all the characters and weapons for footage, *looks at * @kalishane :stuck_out_tongue: .


Disarm bruce or double attack dwight for a video please.


??? Why was that flagged

xD I guess that’s trollys 2nd account…:wink:

I really don’t know why or who could have flagged that?
oh well I would like to see Savior Mark :wink:



This guy? :stuck_out_tongue:

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LOL, not that poor soul
I’m talking about Amber’s bf


Oh the guy who looks like he has a boulder on his back. hahaha


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The dude has some diesel calf muscles.


and them forearms, dude looks like an arm wrestling champion