Survivor Spotlight : Aris


Let me know what you think. If any future videos come out in this I will make them shorter. I hope you enjoy.


Not bad. I like the proposed strategies and comparisons to other toons, and the levity you added was appreciated. Some of the ideas you had for using her were really smart too, and almost made me wish I had her.

Length was ok. Shorter is fine too. I didn’t feel like the video went on for too long.

Seeing the toon in action would be ideal, in my opinion, especially for a toon with special animations like she has. Seeing her attack and seeing each of her unique aspects demonstrated would drive home the points made about her rush, basic attack, special weapon, etc.

If you don’t have her, maybe you could at least raid or friendly duel someone who does and use the footage from that fight?

Overall, very nice video, and I look forward to hearing strategies for toons I actually have. Maybe the Death Doubloon Maggie?


Thank you for the feedback.

@Pablo I agree, I wish I could see her in action as well as that would help these types of videos out. I might be to get some clips from others on the forums that have pulled for the selected Survivor Spotlight, drain the wallet and pull for each one (not ideal) or possibly get video clips from @kalishane or be directed to an individual or group of people that has clips for the Survivor.

I think doing the Stash Maggie will be interesting and fun. I see some good Pros and Cons to her.


Love your video! Gave me a few ideas I hadn’t considered, particularly = focus a recover stun toon!

I will try to get some videos of her in action throughout next two weeks. Already practicing with her at 3/10 AR, 3 Active Skill and she’s fun! I time out a lot which would be fantastic on defense.

Her, plus Wyatt, Carl and Zeke is awesome! Joshua is currently in place for Maggie at the time being and Maggie will be getting my absolute defense weapon. Working on absolute defense for Aris’ weapon. I love her! She’s soooo cool and will often keep herself up. With Carl, even better. With a shield from Zeke, even better! And with Wyatt? Maggie? Just gets better lol


@Raz You know I was thinking last night about her (Aris) and Wyatt with the green/yellow Taunt combos to make sure the stronger trait doesn’t hit too hard on whoever is taunting and 2 HTL’s to create even more pressure around turns 4+. Carl lead and Zeke are already a good combo together and for you also to throw in a 66 AR Taunt 2 players for 2 turns (Maggie) will be a wrecking ball and should give plenty of time for Aris to clean up. With Maggie you could almost constantly keep 2 people (40% of the enemy team) CC’d the whole fight.

Nice job with your team synergy too btw.


Thanks, dude! Yeah, Wyatt and her teamed up is BEAST! I’ve seen their health spike sooooo much that they just won’t go down. I can’t imagine how much better it would be for Maggie to enter the mix. I don’t use Shield Michonne, have tried playing the game without her (and as a weak 5*, too much room for error, especially if absolute defense doesn’t proc more than half the time).

Team synergy is key and I’ve tried my hardest to think this out. In any game I play, I look for what synergizes good and much of what you explained about Aris (my FIRST premium toon) is what I had considered. The “kill stun recovery toon,” I hadn’t thought of and now I’m doing just that and it’s perfect. Shoot, she better be good! I spent $200 trying to get her and on the second pull, I nabbed her. Never spent so much on a game, but it was an early bday present to myself. Dude, your videos rule! Please keep these up, I wish there were spotlight videos on everyone, but I understand they must take hours to complete. Thank you for this bro.

And thank you for further explaining her stats a little more in comparison to others like her. That was awesome!


@Raz Much appreciated! I will do my best and shoot for a video every weekend. Also did you alter Wyatts weapon at all? I know “Stun When Attacking” does very well in almost any situation but considering Wyatt with a Taunt I always thought about “-30 AP when Defending” so if you happen to Taunt 1-2 enemies with full AR you can make them take 2 extra turns for it to pop off just to add a bit more damage control to your team.

Also seeing as you run double HTL a revive when killing green weapon on Wyatt I can see be useful as well in more of a Offensive approach. Defense I can also see it catching your opponent off guard if they assume you have reflect.

Thank you again!


So, I kept reflect on Wyatt, but I may change this in the future. Doing it now would hinder me greatly. Stun in attack would be sick. I still don’t have one on any gun. For now, this is what I have:


Regarding revive, that is also a choice I may consider in the future. His attack is so great, he has actually killed people before, so I know he’s good for it. As it stands, so long as I lock down Tyreese, kill him, then I wouldn’t have any worries about any others. That’s the thought. :slight_smile: Too bad Maggie loses her revive! :wink:


Awesome video Trolly!

Adding you to the content creator section!

Do you have a twitter?


@kalishane I do. My Twitter is


Awesome! I’ve added you to my hud to keep an eye out for new videos to share!

Thanks Trolly. :slight_smile: