Survivor Road Strategy


what’s a good strategy to play the road? i want to go as high as i can, but then when i hit that bottleneck, i get stuck for a week before i get dropped down to a lower level.

do you guys try to stay at the highest level you can, or you stay somewhere in the middle, so you can go up and down?



I only complete 9 stages unless the final reward has DT or PK.


ya, that’s pretty much what i do now.


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What are dt and kp?


probably short for those weapon parts.


Duct tape and polishing kit


You need to have decent teams to get to sr400. Some toons to consider:

SR Zeke
6* red mirabelle
OG Michonne
6* Gator
Various healers
Crit leads to fight walkers
Guardian characters


You probably need to let us know which stages you aren’t able to beat, then we can suggest some line ups if we know your roster

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Oh. thx. Apparently I need to add a complete sentence so here it is. Smh


i actually didn’t progress far in survival road.
i got stuck couple months ago, so i just left it dropped back down, so i can redo the stages and farm the items.

so i just want to know if i should reach the max level i’m capable of, or just stay around where it’s easier for me.

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