Survivor Drops territories don't work [logged]


Hospital + Fortified Town should give you 40% survivors but it’s still not. Using them in xp road map which gives 4 without bonus, is still giving out 4 when it should be giving out 6.


Real question here is how do you have the xp road map?


Hi. I see what you mean. @CombatDevIl Is this something you know or something you should know? :slight_smile:


This was from last weekend. Forgot to mention it until someone brought xp maps up today.


Survivor drops have been broken for some time. Instead of giving 20% extra drops, it takes away 20% from the normal survivor count and adds it back as if it’s giving you extras but in reality you’re getting the exact same amount.

Example xp always gives 4. So if you have 20% it should give you a total of 5. Instead the game will show you getting 3 and a +1 which is still 4. You’re not getting the bonus it’s promised.

So if you think you’re getting an extra +15 from farming 23-1 or something, you’re not. The game just takes away 15 from the total count and gives it back to you as +15 on the reward screen.

You don’t need these territories now anyway. Just farm later stages and you get 40-50 Survivors now.


@CombatMan can you take a look?


its off topic but do you know why daily gear map is not up yet @CombatDevIl


I dont know, better poke @kalishane


I’ll look into if there’s a bug related to that.


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