Survivor Club useless

In other news, the sky is blue.

I’ve let mine run out cause theres no real benefit to it

It is pretty useless, the only “good” things I saw come from it were
1)No parts required to craft weapon upgrades, not to mention that you can easily earn some blowtorches, I think in the roadmap, tbh I forget where
2)One free premier roll a day, there’s a possibility of getting something super good, but even if you didn’t, at least you got something free(imo wheels need to be revamped entirely)
3) The comic book collections, there was a collection in the museum that for 60 comic books, which is pretty freaking easy to get, gave you a 5 star blue weapon, like chainsaw shotgun something like that
But despite these things the 25$ a month subscription is definitely not worth it at all, but you didn’t need me to tell you that.

Cancelled mine as well. Had it for about 5 months. I did get a few 6 star toon pulls from the daily though.

Bs you paid $25 a month??

TF is this Scopely??

Edit: Aussie currency (sorry dumb blonde moment)

Don’t want to assume anything but I’m guessing by your screen name that you’re an Aussie. Your $37.99 Aussie bucks is equivalent to $25 US.


I was about to say like uhhh something’s wrong here. But it’s just the currency like you pointed out

Right now the subscription isn’t worth more then $10… and that’s being generous.

But alas. … pesky roster space

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