Survivor club pop up causing crash

I keep getting this pop up every time I try to log in and it just crashes the game in a loop. Anyone else have this problem?

Yes, there have been several reports of game resets. Are you a beta user? Scopely is aware of the issue and working on a fix. Watch the play store for a game update. I don’t have any info as to when it may be available. After you install the update, there will likely be one more game reset for you, so let it run, reset, and run again a few minutes. Let me know how it goes either way.

Yeah im in beta, figures. No update in the store yet but ill look out for it and let you know what happens, thanks.

Why are you buying sc in beta?!

(Unless it’s free)

Congratulations, you’ve figured out why I started this thread!

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Been doing it 2 days to me and havent got fixed

Only update I have is they’re expecting the client update to be available today.

I’ve gave up it’s already screwed ne out of a few things

I got I new phone last week and it was doing the same thing. The reason is crashing is because it doesn’t recognize your account. The only way to get a around that is to create a second Gmail account and erase your primary account from your phone. Log in with second email so it won’t register your SC. Once you get your account back you can log Back your primary account and erase the second

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