Survivor Club Julie in Museum

It looks like it takes 4 weeks to get 15 comics from the weekly missions. Julie expires in 5 weeks and needs 25 comics. Do I have this right?

Lol, you just gotta buy survivors club membership then don’t ya? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It feels like this company goes out of it’s way to drive away players.

I with they were actually honest and aboveboard about what is pay to play and what isn’t.

Almost like the Survivors club exclusive toon is being kept exclusive to Survivors club members :thinking:


Yeah that’s crazy

I don’t know if I’m being an idiot or not, but I can’t find this Julie in the museum that everyone is speaking about. Only timed thing I have in the museum is for Ivy.

Look under Survivor club collection…

And it’s definitely in the museum?

Yes. 7 characters

Weird. I just don’t have it.

That isn’t good.

If you use your free trial between roadmap resets you can do the roadmap twice, and get at least 12 free additional comics.

Yeah. When did the event start? I can see the weekly missions that give statues that I can trade in for comics in the museum.

I dont have it either

I’ve reached out through in game support. But no response yet.

Based off of the image in the museum compared to the other collections, you should get 6 star Julie from turning in the comics. Is this correct or is it flawed when you get the 5 star version?

No, you get the five star when you turn in the 25 comics and collect her. Then you need comics for EVERY tier level increase afterwards. It starts at 4 and goes up each level.

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