Survivor Club is WAY too expensive

I mean, here in France it’s cost about 26€/month which is more than my mobile phone (5) and ISP (20) bills combined, how comes?
I don’t mind at all subscribe to some kind of club since I play a lot but it’s just a mobile game, 5€ which is already too expensive (I’ve full voice/data for this price) would be more acceptable, a good price would be 2-3€ MAXIMUM

Your thoughts?


Good, but the thing is, they’re never gonna do anything about it


PlayStation Network is about 8€/month
Deezer is around 10…

How this club can be 25, I wonder how many people run for it and how many would if it was 3€…


In Mexico the price is five minimum salary lol

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Yep it cost 2much and with Psplus(cheaper) I got Batman Arkam Knight free download.

Way overpriced. Especially now with the new pull system. Before you could hope for single pull. Now it’s stupid.

And the comics aren’t worth anything.


Short answer : don’t subscribe.

If nobody subscribes to it, maybe they will think about another pricing for their useless pixels.

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I agree it’s overpriced but wow that’s a low phone bill… and isp

For £1 I got Game Pass Ultimate on Xbox for 8 months. That’s my online gaming paid for along with access to a library of over 200 games.

That £1 has given me access to multiple ne whales and games at launch including; Devil May Cry 5, Blair Witch, Kingdom Come, Borderlands 2 and TPS, Gears 5 and many more.

For literally £1, I have received over hundreds of hours of quality gaming and online gaming with more games due to come before it ends in April.

Then it’ll cost me £10 a month for my online and those games I mentioned above plus more.

Meanwhile you’re asking £23 monthly for a bunch of free 4*’s with maybe the odd 5* in there, free weapon crafting and survivor club roadmaps.

Yours is totally worth that extra £13-22 you’re asking.

Said no-one ever.

I’d pay £3.99 a month for SC at max. But for what they offer with it even £0.99 is far too much


Can someone tag devs/mods?

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