Survivor Club Hidden Perks?

First thing’s first, this may sound like a conspiracy theory post of sorts. But I’m curious, so I hope y’all humor me.

I noticed, along with a few of my faction mates, that lately, raids have been getting a tad more difficult (the enemies aren’t unbeatable, mind you) - my (and my faction mates’) gold resist mods, whether stun or impair resist, don’t seem to proc as much, despite being in the high 60s or low 70s, compared to a few months ago.

My weapons don’t seem to proc as much: A toon of mine with a 40 crit weapon, 41 crit chance gold mod behind a crit leader don’t seem to proc as much anymore. All these, compared to enemies whose mods and weapons proc “as can be expected.”

In addition, since December, I’ve been failing a lot more with crafting - only 3 successful crafts in roughly 30 to 45 tries. I’ve only gotten 4* too, for whenever I’ve saved enough league coins to do the occasional 10 pull.

If I think about it, I’ve only started to notice this change (for me at least) starting at around December, and Survivor Club started at around November.

So I’m curious to know if anyone else has noticed this trend. After all, I wouldn’t put it past The-Powers-That-Be to put a hidden mechanic behind Survivor Club so that they can get more people to become members.


I experience similar as you and am still a survivor club member. So don’t think it’s due to survivors club.

But, will be un-subbing this week after my last round of comics claiming. Maybe it will get worse :sob:

Experiencing the same and I’m a SC member.


IF, for £25 a month we got extra perks like 15% more successful weapon crafts, or extra 20% chance for weapon procs in battles, believe me they would make damn sure we knew it.


It’s not TIN, It’s aluminum foil!!

Unlliterate buffoon.


Aluminium foil?


It’s a Weird Al Yankovic song, (The photo above is Weird Al from the songs video)

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I have been a member since beginning. Earl doesn’t like me, terminated my subscription and crafted 2 good weapons. Maybe it’s a sign for me not to keep spending :man_shrugging:

Ahh… this is a good point. nods

So so far, I’m guessing that TPTB just gradually makes “old” toons slowly irrelevant to keep us trying to get the new ones.

I was making a point about the missing " i " from your spelling of Aluminium…

That’s an English/American English thing.

Weird Al speaks American English

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Nice try, guess you need some more lessons.

I would kinda agree on that, although I would be cautious with it.
There are instances it doesn’t let me disarm new toons, but some other times it just works, that’s just RNG

Colloquially It’s called tin foil in the uk. Not entirely sure why. And I think you’ll find it’s also spelt aluminium. Because we can cope with two vowels next to each other.

What was that phrase you were using a moment ago?

FFS :joy:

Twas just a joke. The original photo of the guy in the tin hat was taken from a pop video by Weird Al Yankovic, the song is called aluminum foil.

PS: Unlliterate isn’t a real word either, twas also just a joke.

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Ive failed a weapon for like 10 times in a row for the huge ap bonus. It might be damned

0.17 - 0.25.

It can be made out of anything you choose Narcissae :+1:

It’s worth noting that aluminum was the original form, so for especially strict scientific purposes, you might want to choose aluminum regardless of audience.