Survivor club bug/issue

I brought the membership subscription trial and none of the privileges worked. I cancelled the subscription so I wouldn’t be charged after the free trial, which means I should have the trial still but I still don’t have the membership privileges. This is ridiculous. Is this meant to be convincing me to buy the subscription every month? Because it’s not. I’d like my 7 day trial and I’d expect some sort of compensation for this

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So you are complaining that you didn’t get any freebies when you went out of your way to click the cancel button right after signing up, making it obvious that you were only in it for the freebies, and now you want compensation for the two minutes of your life you wasted clicking “sign up”, then “cancel” then discovering none of it worked properly? (Or did it???)

The last bit of this tale (that nothing worked properly) should not have been remotely Surprising. I’m surprised the “sign me up” button has ever worked for anyone tbh.


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