Survivor capacity change?

Im wondering what the survivor capacity is for everyone? With the townhall and 3 houses at level 20, i swear my survivor capacity was 360. I remember because i could train up to 72 two star toons when i had maxed my survivors. Just over a week ago i transferred and in prepping for levelup, i noticed that number went down to 330 survivor. So when i use up all 330 survivors im now only able to get 66 two star toons.

Curious how many survivors people have? Im not part of survivors club btw.

I’m at 330. How many armories do you have? Almost seems like one of your houses was swapped for an armory.

I have 230 but I run with 2 armories

Always been maxed at 330 for me

Thanks for confirming. I have 2 armories as well. Not sure how i had 360 for so long.

Its ■■■■■■■ stupid. Having to stack survivors every 2 token runs. We should have that amount doubled at the very least.

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