Survivers club Angela

Just a quick question, since couldn’t find anything in search.

Right now having to collect magazines to level up sc Angela from the free trail, but I’m already sat here wondering how will it be possible to level her when the trail runs out?

Will she swap to use normal ingredients afterwards while the club isn’t active?
Will she use normal materials at legend level?

Or is she completely useless if you don’t buy a month long club membership to gather magazines?

Her name is Andrea firstly. Second, u have to have the subscription to level her


No she needs the comics from survivors club, if you want to max her you will have to keep your membership for a few months.

$$$$$$$$$$$ and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and 7 chaaaaaarackkkterSS

OP refered to Andrea as Angela… REEEEEEEEE

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Excuse be but how can you mix up Andrea and Angela? Isn’t her name displayed for the toon?

The elusive Angela


angela gears are free to upgrade her but Andrea need comis which u can get only by keeping subscription



Im thinking…they shoulda called survivors club “made to suffer”…looking at those two player cards.
Damn spenders club. Buy a sub an cancel it for 2 months in a row. An no reward for canceling the sub you PAID for is still a sub scopely

That’s where you are WRONG, the reward is the knowledge to know not to buy SC anymore.

Your right. As of now. I’m going into retirement on this game. I got a few more days left of sc pulls. Gonna get my moneys worth an call it.

Maybe come back if they change it. For now, I’m gonna trash the shit out of it

Me to after 2 years of playing i go on a lonnnng holiday
payed 2 months in this club i dont receive the weekly bonus from it
a complete rip off

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