Survivalroad event (Hacker?)



I don’t know how he is doing the stages so fast but it’s not normal!


just Grinding. I’ve done it before.



Ok u need to tell me some strategies how to get so many points so fast!


It’s very doable I done this too Survival road is not hard when you play it regularly and already know what set ups to bring for whatever you are use to being thrown at


I never saw this crazy amount of points before so I thought he/she is cheating…


It’s just many refills, points grow almost exponentially as you hit legendary stages and finish them without deaths. That’s pretty normal for numbers.


They probably bought a few of the SR offers.I usually always finish with 420k+, nothing strange here.


394k is a perfect run through. All about toons. Although if ur trying to guarantee first I’d save atlas 15 stages for the last hour of the tourney. Don’t want to get to Kenedy out of first place.