Survival Road - Why change?

Why is SR 25 stages per level and not 4 stages? Is this another bug?


No-one who started playing in 2017 would ask this


They already said last one was a mistake.

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THey should’ve kept it at 4, i think 25 is a mistake.


25 is much better. a lot xp for players to level up and no easy rewards for lazy players


Unless you are already lvl 150… then you don’t benefit much from 25 stage sr. I wish they’d bump up the amount of survivors that drop from legendary stages.


You can do the same lvl over and over for xp


Sure you do, I earn a ton of wood for mod scraps with plenty left over to craft into grenades to keep my scraps coming in between SR tournaments.

Run it like it is in the beta with 8 stages. Adjust the recharge rate to 1 per hour this way we can check in 3 times a day instead of 8 times a day.

The people who buy cans will continue to do because your not making top 10 without burning a ton of extras even with this change.

Do it SR stinks as is. Especially with the reduced rewards. If not for a special event item why would anyone bother for a handful of gear tokens, burts and basils?

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I don’t know if I’d find that pace a little too disengaging. Especially with the length of the SR stages themselves. It’d feel like there was barely a tourney on

4 stages was a mistake if you read the post by GR or JB on the topic. It’s always been 25 stages unless you started playing this game 2 weeks ago

Tell me you’re trolling

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25 stages gave me lots of food , gear , wood , recruits and survivors.


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I think 25 per is too long. I think 16 would suffice. Yes there are nice things that come from sr but man its so tedious having to change toons all the time because you can only bring reds or only blue/yellow. If we were able to pick teams already made like when we raid or do maps it wouldnt be near as bad. After you change toons you have to redo weapons. Im aware you can auto fill. And i mostly do that but im ocd about things and like to bring in crit weapons vs zombies and not just what it autofills.


Exactly that, nailed it!.

The 4 stage event mistake was a sneak peek into what the developers consider “see we play the game too”.

It proves they have no idea the daily struggles we deal with.

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