Survival Road - Walkers against Tough teams


I don’t know if it’s just me, but the walkers seem to rush my blues faster than any other trait. Always getting me into 6+ walkers against my group of 5. Any tips of how to prevent this? I’m already running 5 24+ crit shotties w/crit leader. Thanks!


Use revivea and toons with critical rushes, shane, lily, 5* sid, Eric to name a few. I always struggled on stages that required only tough toons for zombie stages until I ascended lily from a 4* toon. Now I fly thru. Also on stages with impair or stun zombies bring trip to recover and be sure not to hit any of the stun/impair zombies with him so he’s always ready to cure everyone.


Crit buffers for tough are hard to come by, but you might try Eric from the depot, despite being slow he heals and crit and def buffs, so you can recover a bit from hits you may have taken and the next couple won’t be as bad. If you have access to a blue guardian consider using them also. I think Douglas and the 4 star version of Jesus from choose your side are the only 2 so it’s not a likely option, but it could be something you have. Also having revives can be helpful, if you revive a character and a walker is in their spot the walker dies, so if you have a couple they can chain back and take out several in the process. The only other thing is slayer 1 specials on your weapons, the extra crit vs enemies with more then 60% health is great for walker stages, and is fast and cheap to make.


Thank you for all the great suggestions!


Douglas is worth his weight in gold for that


Add Special stat Slayer level 2 or 1 to your shotguns.


Also remember the tough only levels are fast walkers which literally move faster than the other ones and end up on top of you quicker.


I’m running five critic rifles all with bonus critic , plus 36 critic leader Kenny. Basically I’m getting every single shot a head shot. Just need to make sure no one use rush.


I use shane and 4 Barker team.