Survival Road Variation

I know there is a bunch of broken stuff in this game already that Scopley should be working on.

I think most people that have played this game long enough breeze through normal Survival Road and find it a bit boring and it comes down to whoever uses the most cans wins.

Also most people in my region thought that the Nightmare Survival Roads were ridiculous.

Why not have a “Race” Survival Road. Whoever finishes all 25 stages in all 5 levels with 3 stars on all stages the fastest gets first place.

Now since everyone can’t start when the tournament starts the timer starts when you make your first attack and ends when you finish Stage 25 on the Legendary Level.

Anybody going for first place will have to use 15 cans. This will make Scopley their money. If you don’t want to try for top spots you can still go at your own pace and make all Milestones like normal.

My internet is crap, so I’d lose very quickly.

or you would lose slowly, not sure the best way to phrase that one???

This i dislike with sr

  • No actual hard to beat teams
  • It is the most important for leauge of the hole week
  • Boring rewards
  • Time consuming
  • wanna win an momental moneydropping pit
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