Survival Road Update?

Will there be an update to it’s difficulty?

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It’s been passed to the team like 2 weeks ago

Yes, they saw all the hate from the feedback and will make it even harder now. :wink:

200 <— Emperor Scipley


dont even bother with it anymore, most days cant get hte 4 levels for the tokens even

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I can beat it if I want to and I’m far from being a whale but no one cares about that.

I just like poking fun at scipley and all the assinine decisions they make yet somehow they continue to stay extremely profitable.

It fascinates me how unwilling they are to budge on anything and how the whales are still willing to empty their wallets despite getting crapped on at every turn.

I’m a fool for sticking around but addiction is one hell of a bitch. At least all I’m wasting is my time these days and not my money.


By talking to the team, the obvious intent of the changes was to increase the Survival Road Difficulty that being said and based on the number of reports of this difficulty being seen on the forums. I will continue talking with the game team and see how we can improve the experience for this event.

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Thank you.

You are welcome :slight_smile:

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