Survival Road Tourney Bug Compensation


Mine keeps closing when i try doing sr :rage:


Typical forum. Minor bug and they start asking for the world…

Weapon is clearly too OP to be just handing out willy nilly


Those rewards are too OP.LOL


On a serious note what would be nice is 600 dynamite and scaples because I am struggling to get points as I have maxed all my 5* that need maxing and can’t really get any further and 50 scaples for this crash issue


Thanks for the help, @LadyGeek .


Don’t automate the attacks as much as possible. I did that a few minutes ago when it started crashing again in Elite 8. After a rerun on that I finished and going smoothly so far.


I hope so, @Samuel1 . Especially with the next updates. They need to amp the rewards and the milestones altogether.


I have the same problem


From another post on the forums, when stuck on Gold 1, they went back and manually played the previous stage (silver 25) and then were able to get past Gold 1.

Might be voodoo. Easy enough to try though?


I did, helped


This fixed it, although I auto’d through silver 25.


I reported this bug like an hour after the creation of the thread in G+ lol.


Next time using the search function will help you find answers to your questions. This will also clear up the forums from duplicates and clutter. @LadyGeek please merge Topics


Damn, I was in the Top 10, actually Top 7. I spent an extra 700 gold to get more fuel and now I run into this problem.

As for the Google+ page, I can’t speak for everyone, but even though I’ve been a beta tester for almost two years, they still haven’t approved my request to join the Google+ TWD: RTS 19.0 page, so there’s no point in posting there because they only approved a handful of people.


Lmao i was posted first kid…


Compensation :joy::joy::joy::joy: are you new ?? :joy::joy:

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