Survival Road Tourney Bug Compensation


Come on Scopely, fix this bug that is bugging(no use for a better term) us all in the last few hours. Thanks to this we can’t push the rewards for the milestones. We need a fix here and compensation with this since some play free( me included) and want to get Michelle so bad. Come on, Scopes. WE.ARE. WAITING.

Sr crashing and taking fuel
Survival Road Tournament glitching

Uh… What bug?

Worst bug awareness post ever.


You might not have noticed it. It crashed the game a few times awhile ago. Some may have not felt it. So sorry if I didn’t please the status quo of said post. Thanks for the opinion though.


It happens to players who have the beta update and i can confirm this bug is indeed happening on gold stage 1 @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely or someone can we getthis sorted out i lost 8 energy on this one stage and i desperately need the scalpels for Michelle it justs crashes and takes your energy like in territorys :frowning:


Well now I got past Gold stage 1. I didn’t how but thank the gods it is over. And now have I recently felt a bug like with the Beta.


How did you do it if you dont mind, a brother needs help


Sorry you’re having problems. For future reference:

Please remember that all problems with beta need to be reported on the beta Google+ page.

One thing that will help the developers get to the relevant part of the logs quickly is to provide a date/timestamp (including timezone) of the reset.

I’ve highlighted the other similar thread from the forums, which includes a lot more helpful details, to the CM and he has alerted the beta team to watch for similar reports on the beta Google+ page.


no one reads google+ page its full of spam…


I just waited for an hour if that time is correct. Then I checked the game again. I did it mano y mano first to see if it still bugs. When it didn’t go to my home screen I continued with auto attacks.


about to try roll back. lol then redownload the update


I submitted a report im just upset that i cant get the remaining scalpels for Michelle :frowning::frowning::frowning:


I thought google shuts google+ down.
Some kind of trolling? Beta testers plz report at Google+ :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Bug still present… have tried 4 times and keeps crashing


Edit i found a way to fix the problem as follow
Use a 6* andrea ranged attack team with crit weapons it kills all the walkers fast enough before the bug hits


Got a link? I have feedback…


They announced a shut down date (which is very close, sometime in April). It’s still up and it’s still the platform for beta. A new beta is in the works, with more information coming.

Edit: shutdown date is April 2.


It’s a closed community.


Not closed enough if you read half the posts. Hopefully my feedback on the utterly bonkers “max” button can be read in between all the spam being posted there…


Yeah we deserve compensation


Can we get 500 wrinkled shirts and 500 work gloves please scopley or a 9mm pistol again maybe