Survival Road Tournaments Still Broken?


@kalishane or anyone else can we get an update as to the status of Survival Road tournaments? I saw the updated calendar and it looks like there is none slated for next week. A shame because it was one of the few events left that I still enjoyed…


@kalishane @Shawn.Scopely @TheWalkerDude @Agrajag @CombatMan



Check the updated calendar. They will fix it by Thursday, maybe, perhaps. :pray:


@kalishane i love you, thanks


@kalishane @spyder any chance you guys can bump this up to start today instead of tomorrow? 24 hour Survival Road tournaments aren’t that cool. Thanks for listening


They want you to buy those cans. There’s no reason to not run the SR tourney along with the level up other than the $ grab.


24 hours is for light weights, how about 23 hours? Someone has a serious cranial rectal inversion.