Survival road tournament

Updated the game and it says a problem has been found in survival road and to not engage in it if it appears on my screen also says to check inbox for details but there’s nothing in my inbox, does this mean survival road is safe to continue?

Lol well I guess I’ll just have to deal with it without the 24.99

The main problem is it’s a 21 hour long tournament.

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“To coincide with the recent nerf to crits can we interest you in this snazzy can and health kit special deal? Since we made the event 21 hours there is no way to complete it without the cans anyway. So how about it.”

No thanks. I’m good. Keep your Lillith and food bag. Which by the way who want’s a food bag as a reward. Whats next wood bags?

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It’s a pop up from when they had an issue with SR awhile back. Seems to sporadically pop up still. Just ignore lol