Survival road tournament: why


Why do you create an event where it is impossible to complete all the milestone without using any refill?

There are 125 stages total. That requires 1,875minutes total. If we agree to remove the first 8 energy that we start with, it still requires 1,755 minutes which represent just a little over 24hrs.

Since the tournament duration is exactly 24hrs, we are force to use/buy a refill to get the final milestone.

How can you guys ignore this? At least give all the player a free refill.

This is the kind of stuff (minor this one) that is getting your player frustrated.


Why do you HAVE to complete all the milestones?


$$$$$$$…and it’s a filler event. Since both SR and level up are 24 hours, it must mean the calendar was changed.


We dont have to, but at leasr have a shot without having to use a refill. Like I said, it is not a major problem, but it is showing how Scopely doesnt think twice before doing something


And paying for every “victory” is cool. :rofl:

Most of us can afford to drop cash into the game but choose not to because there are better things to spend it on then a podium finish no one cares about.


Considering that we’re going to have a solo LU later today anyways, I’d rather a tournament running concurrently while giving nuggets as rewards, regardless of duration. There is no urgency to push for the last milestone, so anyone who wants to go for the last milestones can do so at their own cost. This is a non-issue blown out of proportion.

Edit: Seems like LU is giving 5* tokens instead of nuggets, but my comments still stand.


Yeah but raid cans can be won from war and purchased in game for free with supply depot tokens.

They used to give us one free can for beating bronze but that has since been replaced by a worthless radio. You and I both know the people who win this tourney every week drop mad cans. You get what like 375-400 for finishing it naturally. Finding it hard to remember but I think I did maybe 425 with free energy. Most of the time the top 3 in my region score like 600k-800k. That’s a lot of cans.


I’m only stirring bud… I’ve just recently spread my meme wings… finding any excuse to use them :slight_smile:

I can appreciate how frustrating it may be not to be able to complete events purely f2p :kissing_heart:


Cool. And honestly what people do with their own money is their business. Most of us know if you want to do top 10 in a solo you have to pay or use up resources. Competition is alive and well in the game.


It was one can for beating the bronze level and they kinda stopped giving that out. One can will not win you a tourney.


Except OP’s point is stating that they shouldn’t create an event where it is impossible to complete all the milestone without using any refill, so that’s raid tournaments included.


And I wasn’t defending or arguing that point. Just said that raid cans are more easily obtained for free and that is true is it not?


Thats an assumption. With world cans missing from war, we don’t know they will be back


Because scopely. Need I say more?


It’s true, but when you post that response to a specific response to a comment about supposed rare conditions of an event, it doesn’t fit in the context.


Greed? lol. Who knows. I am sitting on like 15 or so from the free bronze ones. Still not even close to a top 3 finish in my region for any sr event. But then again most of the time I too am content with a top 100 finish like yourself.


Replaced post


The logical thing would be to think that keeping world cans as 3rd in war would stay the same. However since they changed that, it proves they could easily removing sr cans too. $$$


Hey don’t insult him with logic, his replies are always like this.


Valid point my friend :laughing: