Survival road tournament - team edit

i feel a good suggestion for survival road is to make a tab to not only edit your team but to load a team from our roster. editing this loaded team wouldn’t affect the roster. of course on latter stages there would still be need to edit your teams because of exhausted toons but on the beginning it would save a lot of time and improve the experience.
what do you think?


Absolutely it’s the one thing I dread when doing SR. I craft a team for a one wave then craft another for a 3 wave the remake the same team for another wave. It kills the fun. Of it.

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Exactly. Got excited but the new lock is just for uncoordinated nice Persons who dismantle/reset their weapons constantly. Missed opportunity to keep the crit bats/mp’s equipped. Or the Kukri on eze, because he only uses that. (The ad on shields etc.)

I’ll keep it as is as long as we can get the survival road tournament back🙁

Please consider this suggestion. It is a real hassle to have to edit the equipment by hand so often.

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one million times YES!!! so annoying having to constantly set a new team and new weapons when we use the same 2 or 3 teams like 80% of time.

Please @kalishane take this suggestion to the powers that be.

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