Survival road tournament idea

I kind of like survival road tournaments…except…

I think they should drop off the bottom two stages because they are too easy and add more, harder levels above legendary.

Any veteran player, given enough time or gas can beat every single level of legendary…and then what? Then the tournament winners are decided based on who can play the last level of legendary over and over and over…and whoever can play that same, boring, beatable level the most times is the winner?

That is idiotic…just make progressively harder and harder levels…you’ve added some pretty hard levels on the roadmap that are way more difficult than any level on survival road, so I KNOW you can do it…and levels become even harder when you limit what kind of toons can be used…when a player gets stuck and can’t get any further, THEN they can play beatable levels against and again…but at least it would be challenging to try to get as far as you can before you just can’t get any further…and give you a goal for improvement…,and I know you can keep adding hit points and limiting toons and adding damage so that eventually, even the very best teams will struggle…this doesn’t seem like a difficult change…but is a needed one

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