Survival Road Tournament glitching


Ever since i updated into new beta update for March Horde Attack update…my Survival Road is resetting nonstop…im locked into stage now in pic…game continues to reset after random amount of zombie kills…went thru 3 cans now…reset after reset…no response from Support

Any other beta testers or is really anybody else having this issue??

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This sounds alot like the problems others have already posted about. Maybe they’re related some how? Nah, couldn’t be, this one is in all caps!


Next time using the search function will help you find answers to your questions. This will also clear up the forums from duplicates and clutter. @LadyGeek please merge


I did look thru topics and didnt see it…sorry if i capped title…was posting from crap phone where i couldnt even see part of screen…jus thought it might be related to new beta update so decided to post…using search takes alot of time for me since its just as cluttered as looking thru topics normally…thats one of the jobs of a community manager…thanks for info update
Hopefully itll be fixed since i jus opted out of beta program and dl’d normal community release. Beta program is waaaay more problems than its worth. Nonstop headaches


Don’t do that!

Your save game won’t be compatible until the update goes live to the community


Lulz…i already did and see that now…haha…i switched back and reupdated beta release…got it goin again and got thru lvl…seems like its tied to timer or sumthin…i used different team that finished faster and no probs…previous reset 10+ times


Ja fiz de tudo nao passo do level 8 elite

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