Survival Road thoughts

I’m free 2 play and with the constraints on which toons i must use, i can’t get past part 2 of legendary lvl 327. I find myself facing toons i’ve never owned. This WAS a part of this game i could participate in but now it’s just frustrating. If i could use my toons freely, i would be fine. My guess is that this is a planned incentive to encourage spending.

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Don’t the levels reset and change the next day if you can’t get past?? I know thats what used to happen in the 5* era when everyone was stuck at 250-300.

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Yes, they do. Thanks for the thought.

Lmao an account i started in a new region the other day cant even pass stage 1 of regular bronze sr its that hard.

I have the same issue, new region, new account. Was cruising easy until that last tourney. Now I can’t beat anything

Stages are different each day. Tell us what stage you are having trouble with, and maybe the relevant part of your roster. Someone will have some ideas for you.

This is where scopely is really going to fk up, new players that enter this game and start facing these kind of problems off the bat are going to say fk it and move on to another game.
You can already see the player base dwindling whwn wars come around


Michele davie yellow Shiva guardian rick and any revive healer (I use Eric) every stage is trash

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The problem is the levels where I’m forced to use all yellow toons, for instance. If I could use my best for every level, I think as you say, every stage would be trash. I’m ftp and I’ve never gotten Eric or Davie, and plenty of others that would be helpful. I don’t have the budget.

Carley is a great lead for yellow-only SR, esp against yellow toons, and you can get her ascending 4* into 5*. Otherwise, yellow unfortunately lacks a really good healer, if you haven’t been able to grab one of the recent additions to the 5* wheel like G2 Glenn. Command Maggie should help a bit

That said, decent damage (Shiva, Naya, Marlon, Camila…), control, and support (G2 Rick, Michelle, Charlie, Kal, Yumiko, Javier, Duane…) toons are available FTP for yellow. Would need to know more about what you have and what the stage is to give more specific advice.

One of my go-to teams is Carley, Charlie, Michelle, G2 Rick and a flex slot (often Marlon or Kal, but I’ve started using Yumiko more as well). The first battle is the roughest, because the team works much much better if it can start charged.

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Not just that but the same requirements two or three in a row.

Newer players might be able to get through one red/blue requirement but two levels out of ten, no way.

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