Survival road/supply depot

When I first heard about the increase of survival markers in survival road I was like hell yeah now I can buy some shit

Go up in the supply depot to buy some stuff and see the prices :fearful:

All that’s cool…I can still save up for a bronze mod

Then…you all make the difficulty so hard to the point where you can’t even get past stage 1.

Fix it jesus


Scipely logic:

  • 10% increase to the amount of tokens given.
  • 1000% increase to the cost of all items in the depot.

Anyone want a Burt? That will be 100,000 tokens please. :laughing:


I saw the insane price of that crappy ass Burt. They gotta be outta their mind

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Or how about 400k for a random plat mod? Yes, I want to grind for months to get a crit set burn resist mod. :wink:

They also finally gave f2p a chance at a human shield…that will take half a year or more of grinding on the now insanely difficult sr maps. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They’re a joke and their greed knows no bounds.


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