Survival Road rewards?

Hey Scopes, I know you’re busy thinking of another way to screw us over but could you please send out SR rewards


Every other region except choctaw got it …still waiting too :frowning:

Nothing in Morgan either

Madison still waiting as well.

My faction mates gotten it not me Im in Chambers

I’m ready to pull more doggies for my 4th Romanov that should definitely get a buff now that it’s a thing

Honestly, can’t even remember if I claimed them haha.

Oh. Ur comment helped. No I didn’t get them cause my tokens are at 0 lol.

I didn’t get mine yet either in Bell…

They were too busy buffing Jessie LMAO

Already got mine in Clarendon

Waiting on mine in cook.

Waiting in Cleburne

Waiting in brantley

Waiting in Walton


We just got ours in troup.

Greatest movie ever!

Another leader? I thought all we had was LG

I have resigned, they never removed the title.

Edit: I think all you need is LG :slight_smile: