Survival road rewards



Its not what you wanted??? :roll_eyes:

4 Benedict’s here totally unexpected cool though

1 green trainer… 2 4* and 4 3* trainers here
. Not bad

3 Basil’s , 4 Burt’s :confused:

5 BURTS 4 BRADIES :dagger:

1 Benny, 3 basils, 1 Brady, 4 Burt’s

I’ll take it. :slight_smile:

1 green trainer
1 yellow trainer
2 burt

Don’t have any g/y ascended toons that I want to use them on now but better than I expected.

2 Bradys, 1 Frances and 2 more Burts for my Burt army.

Third place 5 burts. Really love these bags lol. Always get the worse

2 burts a basil and a fucking alycyn, my 5th, got my 4 th completing elite…

No reds to use em on.


Strong trainer, alert trainer, lilith, the rest basils. I was hoping for benedicts but i really am happy with these. Last time i scored 8 burts lol

Survivor why can’t people like you understand? Empty brackets can’t just get filled, it takes months of dedicated work behind the scenes–something we know nothing about–for a change like that to happen

Mostly burts and basil’s 2 x trait trainers. Am I suprised?
NO! :joy:

3 fast trainers, 2 tough, one bene… the rest is useless.

This is so important @kalishane please bring this up to whoever! The solution is also right there in Survivor’s post:

“Around the middle brackets start removing the burts, then bradys the next bracket, till it’s just benedict and 6* trainers left for 1st.“

Why should the people at the bottom always get screwed. They need the benedicts just as much as the people at the top do. And the top get a shit load more chances to pull one.

2 burts lmao

Instead of Burt’s, Brady’s, & Basil’s trainer’s for rewards we get Benedict’s, Lilith’s & Ulysses trainer’s. I’m sure ppl would like this better…