Survival Road Rewards VK (Extra Dwight pieces on gold&elite)




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Ulysse is so overrated


Sigh. top 100 will do again then :anguished:

any idea what time it starts?

19 pm MSK tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn what about missing parts for dwight’s rifle T_T


The placements aren’t gonna drive any real push but milestones are OK. Wish it was 10k or even a Benedict but I’ll finish for the 5k.

Even ignoring this ill have my parts via rm and war milestones…so this feels redundant.

However considering the circumstances including the rifle…id rather redundant than just enough…

I normally complete legendary and place top 100, so they pretty much just switched the rewards around this time. No change for me really.

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What boring rewards. Most active skills suck so no point going all out for some Ulysses’. Top 100 for me I think. Hopefully I snag the Lilith in the crate.

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There is no point in completing the Legendary stage…

I remember when Scopely gave out 10k coins or a 5*. Then they scaled the 5* tokens to 8000, now its 5,500. I bet the next one would be 10k 4* tokens.

My theory, Scopely lost revenue after giving out 5* tokens and characters so easily. They are trying to get back that revenue by making it a little harder to obtain 5*'s if you are not a P2P player. They are trying to milk the players any way they can now.

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Yeah I agree…

They really didn’t think this next stage through…

If they would come out and be honest about it and listen to the players more they may be able to find a better way forward.