Survival Road Rank

It’s not important but this is quite stupid in my opinion. I’ve reached level 400 of survival road beginning of december (one of the first surely) and this week 2 people just got passed me when they reached it.
I dont know how you rank people there but the smart thing to do is to just to make it so that the rank is based on the number of time one has completed the daily road. I dont know why it wasnt already like that in the first place but anyway…

Is it in alphabetical order?

The old forums had a similar question, the answer back then was it is alphabetic order of your player code. User names are easily changed so that would not be a reliable way.

It’s much worse in other tournaments where are tied for 100, but get the 101 reward instead.


Didn’t know that, thanks. I guess that’s also how I get the raid can when I’m tied for first place… Surely, there’s a better solution than who’s started thé game first or whatever that code is corresponding to… But it felt to me as if that worked for SR rank before the update.

If I recall correctly, they had gimped the way the ranking was calculated so in the event of 2 players being at the same stage, the player who had the most toons die during an attempt was actually ranked higher.

I remember back when SR came out and there was a bunch of players in joint 1st for ages, I was routinely at the bottom of the pile despite completing it very efficiently, but it started to fluctuate more as the stages got harder and if I had a pretty awful attempt I’d be ranked a lot higher after completing it.
So tested it a few times by pretty much slaughtering the bulk of my roster and found I was top. And I noticed that the players who were dropping out of the race were those who were ranked top when in joint 1st, which would tally (running out of medkits quicker etc.)

That was a long time ago though, so I’m not sure if it was fixed or not. Was going to test it again once I was about to hit 400, but didn’t realise that you go straight from completing 399 to having 400 automatically completed and just played it as normal, oops.
Annoyingly a single toon death because of heinously bad luck, but I’m ranked 4th out of 5 players that have currently completed SR in the region, so most likely that same method of ranking is still there. Maybe the account code thing comes into play if there is a tie break tie breaker, i.e. both players on the same stage with the same number of toon deaths. Maybe one of the devs could weigh in here? @Agrajag @CombatDevIl

If it is the case, you can at least take solace in the fact that players who are ahead of you most likely suck at the mode!

Wow even more stupid way of ranking lol. I know for a fact that the 1st one rn is playing SR with 1* and reflect damage weapon so your theory seems pretty good.

So the exact same thing happened to me two days ago. I have been level 400 for over two months and still play everyday (for the Aden’s) yet, a player just reached level 400 yesterday and is now ranked higher than me. @kalishane would love an answer on how this is calculated and how it would be possible for this to happen.

I realize the leaderboard is pointless since you get no additional advantages or rewards, but if it exists, would like to know how my situation has occurred.

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This is the answer. I’m not sure if it really is alphabetic order of your player code, but the answer before is that it’s based on player code, which is assigned to you at random. So basically, how it breaks ties is completely random.

It’s obviously not based on who gets there first, as some people seem to think, although it would make the most sense.

Well that is definitely disappointing. Why even bother with a “leaderboard” then?

Just like wars if you tie score last person get first place…rewarding slow people…

@kalishane @CombatMan @CombatDevIl Sorry, but would really like a confirmation or some type of answer to this one. Can you please tell us how this leaderboard is calculated?

Thank you in advance.

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It is a server side area, I will try to get the answer from server engineer.


Thank you very much @CombatDevIl !!

Any update here? @CombatDevIl @kalishane

Just bumping this one up and wondering if any one has an answer to this one? @kalishane

Thanks in advance!

On the subject of the sr leaderboard, it doesn’t seem to be updating like it used to. Previously if someone changed their name there was a delay before the sr leaderboard would update but within a handful of hours it would reflect the change, but now there are old names on there many days after people changed them. I dropped a survival road level and it still shows my old level on the leaderboard.