Survival Road Potential Bug -Turn 1 AR attack

I was just recently playing first level of Survival Road with 6* toons at Tier 3 since I am waiting to level up to Tier 4 when Platinum is available.

I lost the battle as I am under power to even have a chance against these toons on Legendary.

Anyway, I put in another 5 toons to continue on and kill one toon on the first turn then all 4 characters on the enemy side just went off on AR.

You got to be kidding me and I am upset as there is no way to continue on with this crap.

Fix your enemies.

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If you didnt flee the enemies stay in same state as when you died. They will be hurt and dead but also keep ap… flee will reset stage but your character keep the pain but lose the ap.

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But that is retarded to be honest.

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Our just a legit way to make players think about how they approach the problem…

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