Survival Road Please Raise difficulty lvl

Since the release of 6 stars (being universal on most stages) SR has become super easy.
I like a challenge and when competing I want it to be off effort not an outdated feature since the release of 6stars.
I may stand alone on this but SR is extremely boring now. Takes all of 5mins for daily SR and 1hr on tourney before i complete.
Please any indication of it being scaled properly or are we doomed to boredom cause you cant rescale the difficulty lvl.


They should add an extra tier with better reward. Keep the rest the same and just make it slightly longer


When was survival road fun? Awful daily rewards. Nobody cares. If the difficulty needs to go up then the rewards need to go way up.


Can we not do this? SR is the one event were we can actually use 5 and 4 stars. People…


Dude, wtf?! SR is already difficult. All because it’s easy for you, doesn’t mean it’s easy for others.


Isn’t that sad? Let’s keep this feature that is almost universally disliked how it is, because we still want to use all those awesome toons that got made worthless…


what level are you on?

i started in july, i have less than 30 toons that i use on SR and i just beat legendary using only a few drug kits. make it harder. But it still takes way to long, 125 stages is a little obsured. i literally had to set alarms and wake up every 2 hours,… give us like a 20 fuel pool or take away bronze nad silver or something. its so easy and so inconvenient and annoying

Jugo is clearly nowhere near level 300


to me it was always super easy.

They should add more stages but that won’t motivate no Newbie to pay 2 win.

SR is pay 2 win model nothing else.
Bad format no skill

Just don’t allow 6 stars on sr then back to how it was.

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SR Tourneys are flawless, boring, Walkthroughs for a long time now. Then its just, who buys the most cans. 25 difficult missions added would be great.


A team of 6 stars and a crit leader for each colour and you can auto play the entire thing.

I do love it for the xp though.

Get rid of bronze stage and instead add another tier above legendary difficulty please. This is one of the many areas that need updating after the introduction of 6 stars.


Lvl 125 for a while now. :disappointed_relieved: Almost emptied my pt/dt. Lvl cap is also too low.

Tier one crit weapons and Crit leads. All have em in 3 stars and up. Including Dwight who was a freebie recently.

What? What, are you talking about?


Anyone having problems with SR!!! It is nothing more than building weapons for it. The other is a crit lead toon
Kelly is a 4 star crit leads you can get from ascending three stars.
Blue Ascendable Dwight blue crit lead.
Med drop lead Zek. Green crit. Supply depot
Yellow 4 stars Molly
All u need to pass any zombie stage, as long as you have crit weapons built(Slayer 1)
All the rest are run 6 stars and heals.
SR is easy once you make these weapons (easy to craft)

I could see them upping the difficulty ( via cheapness) and keeping the prizes exactly the same ( wont match the effort to deal with the cheapness)

No. Some of us don’t have a whole stable of 6 stars. If they want to add an extra tier thats fine, but don’t change the current difficulty