Survival Road Not on Calendar?

I’m not the brightest, but I can read, I think? Where was Survival Road on the calendar?

It was added in as an additional tournament just today I think. There was a news item slightly ahead of it dropping


I’m assuming they are doing everything they can to make sure everyone can get Kenny. It’s just annoying that there will be 3 events going on at once for a few days straight.

So is this replacing Faction Level Up or is it just late starting?

They didn’t say it was cancelled but it should have started by now. I’d say if it doesn’t start in half an hour it’s probably not happening.

This Tourney is a great chance to complete the battle pass mission use 4 SR cans. They have just given us 2 for free in the daily rewards. And although we will most likely have an SR next week, I’m taking no chances and using my cans now just incase Scopley decides not to have one next week.


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