Survival road not droping in levels

I’ve gone weeks without doing survival road daily I also have not been doing just a few to the couple tickets, but I never go down in levels. I have been at lvl239 I don’t want to go higher I want to drop in levels like it says if I do not play it for a week. Survival road is so boring and a waste of my life that I’d rather drop levels so it doesn’t take long to do.
I’d say just remove it like before but seems you’re stuck on it now, it would be better for the game if it was just the tourney part or if it reset every week or even month!
Want to improve the job uh I mean game, Scopely start managing it by having iugo improve this dumpster fire!

Start the 1st level and flee. If you don’t do anything, it won’t trigger the downgrade.

Really so another fail by iugo?
That doesn’t even make sense! It says if you don’t do it you’ll drop levels.

Right now that’s the only way to drop levels in Sr, I would pay coins to restart Sr,

It says “complete within 7 days of participation” participation being the key word I guess.

If you just ignore it you won’t drop. I start stage 1 every day and just flee unless tape or PKs are on offer. I dearly wish that I hadn’t tried to get as far as I could when SR first appeared. Something else that Scopely didn’t bother to explain to us.

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