Survival Road markers Disapearing!


You know what’s bad! Every time survival road refreshes each day for me 10k of my survival markers disappears! And each time I reach out out to Scopely they would be like sorry we like for our players to reach out to us over blah blah blah keep on survivng! Atm im trying tonsave for knives to tier up sr zeke and i cant seeing i lose my markers!

Anyone else having SR points being deducted randomly?
Samsung Galaxy S7 Issue 11/17

You take screens?


Screenshots or videos of any kind of evidence to help investigate the bug would be ideal.

Also, be sure to tag @CombatMan and CombatDevil when he gets back from vacation


Do you finish the road or are you trying to farm the few chests, like all the others who failed at that ??


I finish the daily survival road and everytime i finish it and quit out if the game and go back it they take 10k from me


Same with me. I swear to God, I had was 750 Markers away from purchasing another Multi-tool Knife for my Dr. Stevens, and the next day, it goes back as if I didn’t complete normal SR at all.

Now I need to wait for SR to open again so I can fight for more and Tier 3 the old man.


There’s a fix for this issue in 9.2

Anyone else having SR points being deducted randomly?

Any word on when 9.2 will go live and if people like this guy will get his stuff back?


Compensation is always up to CS. As far as when the update is released, I don’t know. In the mean time, I’d recommend doing a PvP, character level up, or gacha pull after getting Survival Markers to ensure the issue doesn’t occur, before closing the game or switching realms.

Anyone else having SR points being deducted randomly?

In other words, no. There wont be compensation… jfc.



Pretty sure 9.2 cant be released until they decide to comply with Apple’s odds policy


Yeah, I guess I worded myself poorly. I don’t mean compensation like free stuff, but I’d assume there is an account ledger that shows how many he is supposed to have. Does 9.2 correct that and show the proper amount?




@kalishane any chance this could be added to the “known bugs” sticky post in the bugs category?


They really tell you all to “Keep on surviving” when you message support through the game? I have never been told that.