Survival Road levels....?


Hi guys does anyone know if there’s a page with the SR levels amounts?

I’m on Elite level 123…just wondering what it goes up to before Legendary (which I’m assuming is next?)


Soon. You are close. I think it’s at lvl 130.

By the way, do you know if you get Ductape and Polish Kits in your SR at the same time in elite as your legendary factionmates do?


The rewards are the same for everybody in the server, no matter where they’re at.


Really? I think they change with the difficulty. I have never seen DT or PK on bronze levels in my alt accounts.

Edit: I understand what you mean about everyone having the same rewards on the server. Everyone In the region will have the same rewards for legendary.


We have a Line Channel in which my faction members post the current rewards, so that nobody misses the good stuff. We have players all over the place level-wise and so far we have not seen a difference between any of us. And we have peeps, that aren’t in Legendary, so I always thought everybody would have the same stuff.

I’ll talk to some folks and see what I can find out though.


I just tested it actually. Main account Legendary has PK. Alt account Bronze has 3star wep parts.

I have been asking around for a while, haha I should just make my own thread at this point.

Edit: yep same server @docmatix


On the same server? Good to know. But it seems Elite and Legendary have the same, right?


Elite introduces tape and kits. Below that you get other stuff. I’m not sure what the reward differences are between elite and legendary though. Maybe other things are substituted out.


Thanks guys. Haha I just made a thread about it too. Whoops.