Survival Road is much to hard

Is anyone else struggling ? I always seem to fail and i have all 6*


Dude, that’s why they gave us s class toons for free

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liking a lot it’s very satisfying to complete the last stage

Zombies with 100% crit resists and 10k hp who taunt just ruin the road. Idk what scopely was thinking but adding them there was one of the stupidest things they’ve ever done. Other stages are okay but for god sake… REMOVE those fcking zombies…


I need a free yellow one then XD

Beatable yes I can quite easily beat most stages on the first time takes about 3 for the taunt walkers they are ridiculous.

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Redeem hengyen from museum then,your free yellow s class😂

took me 2 hours to finish today’s SR. It is ridiculously hard and not fun anymore.


This was my last opponent lmao

I dislike the changes. The exact same road maps I use to do are way harder thus take a bunch of time. Instead of just changing the top end they changed the entire difficulty of the maps.

If a wave takes more then three minutes to complete then it’s too much. Of course everyone is entitled.

Yellow stages are for sure the hardest. Not the zombies the human ones. Maybe my yellows are lacking

yeah i can take off the enemies with the better trait, and the other walkers but the taunt walkers need to be nerfed for SR. It’s just insane


Guessing they made it this way to push out more S-class faster.
Just do up to stage 9 for the exp then quit if the reward isn’t duct tape or something good.

I had one yesterday with a shield lead and 4 of the beheading Axels. Talk about getting a bit ridiculous with the teams…

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I had a yellow only that had Mercer as an enemy. I got through the two walker stages and killed the other four humans, but just couldn’t get Mercer below 20%. Every time I did, he just had vitality or used his AR/active and was back to full health plus bonus HP.

I gave up after about 30 minutes.

This happened to me with Doc Stevens

It’s way to hard IMO. SR is a side quest most of the time.

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