Survival road improvements needed

I know I keep saying this, but scopely please please please can you look at the design of survival road tournaments?

It’s not possible to finish it in 24 hours and you just don’t give us enough cans to help us. There are lots of things you could do to help us (and this is just me thinking about it for 2 mins…)

  1. Sell us passes to bronze, silver, gold and legendary so we can jump to the levels we want.
  2. Make the tournament long enough so we can finish it in the time.
  3. Drop more free cans.
  4. Give us a choice of cans in war etc by giving us tokens to exchange for refills. I don’t want 300 world energy cans any more.
  5. Change the way the energy refills so we don’t need to wake up every two hours to maximise it.
  6. Sell cans in the supply depots. Again, I don’t want any more world cans.

Why would you design a game we can’t play properly? Why? And then not bother to fix it. Or not bother to dangle things we could buy to help us in front of our noses. I am disappointed…


I don’t even bother on faction sr unless it’s worth it(Narrator: it isn’t ) or it’s the full length (Narrator: that’s what she said)

“Drop more free cans” lol dont like it don’t participate

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Selling SR and territory cans in the depot would make sense.

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Do you reach the final milestone of every level up and every raid event?

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While I agree with most of em, you gotta realize they make these tournaments short so people feel forced to use and buy cans. Same goes for lack of free refills. Knowing Scopely, it’s not gonna change.

Yes because I’m reckless

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If your reaching the final milestone of every raid you have to buy cans at one point or another. There have been a few survival roads in a row where we can finish with free energy. Besides these milestones are terrible. Save your fans for when the collection museums come back hopefully.

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Short is fine, unreachable is fine, I mean I dont always go for 2mil in lu and 2400 raids.

The issue is the 2 hour energy thing. At least make it replenish every 4 hours so it isnt too demanding.

And of course, selling cans would make sense. Even for double the cost of a normal can and with only 3 purachasable instead of 5.


Wouldn’t this be super P2P since this would make players jump all stages in mins? The point of SR is to move from stage to stage and the reward is points.


Did I say I didn’t like it? I’m just asking why we can’t have these cans when we get crappy world refills all the time.

If you are reading negativity into what I am saying you must be a very negative person.

Not necessarily. I am f2p partly cos I want to see how far I can get for free but also partly cos I have never seen anything priced reasonably that I think is worth buying,

My point is that there are different things people might want if they were offered which scopely might not have considered.

you should start event with the same level of daily survival road

You are negative about it. You don’t think very well, if they change refill times and make it longer you won’t be able to finish even bronze or silver in 24 hours. And like all other events (lvl up and raids) not everyone will reach the final milestone in every single event. Do you hit 2mil in all lvl ups? No. Do you hit 2800 trophies in all raid events? No.

Awww. Poor op is sad he can’t complete it in time :sob:

What you said makes no sense. I don’t think it’s me who doesn’t think things through before I write them down.

I’m not a troll, mr. defamation.

Trolls calling out trolls. Love it.

I’m no troll.
No clue why I’m accused of being these horrible things.

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