Survival road glitch


So every time I finish the last stage on sr my game crashes

Unsurprisingly today’s reward is a duct tape and today is the day it crashes

Scopely I beg you , let one day pass, just one, i would even accept 12 hours, just 12 , where you don’t monumentally shaft someone or break something

Android user; updated to beta, clearly an issue within the betas code @CombatDevIl


I have the same problem. Wanted that duct tape, but we are fcked again by scopely


Moved to bugs.

@CombatMan, @Agrajag, @Hedge


Same here. We have pk dt as rewards today :grimacing:


got this too, seems to be all beta players! Could do with a speedy fix, thats for sure!


I hope it will be fixed soon, i dont want to miss a chance for dt and pk


It’s just sat there , mocking me, daring me to fail


As soon as @CombatMan gets here, I will ask him to investigate. thanks


Will get this dealt with. And when that happens, it’s not a crash, but a reload. Can you PM me your account code, for anyone that’s experienced the issue?


I’ve gotten what I need from PMs on this. Thanks.


Hero Gotham deserves, woohoo


Fix for this should be up now.



Oh yeah, I forgot that’s what assault tickets are supposed to look like.


249 damn!!!


Thanks for fixing promptly😀


You mean Passault Hickets?


Don’t you mean Phaction Hassault


Nah. They’re PH balanced for your comfort.


If you want to see the actual FA ticket graphic, try uninstalling and reinstalling. Just did it and works for me.